Paul Skellett

Hi and welcome to 'Studio Skellett' and 'Three Legged Crow'. I've been a professional creative for over 35 years.


Although I'm a freelance graphic designer / artist, I also have my audio studio based in the Derbyshire, UK. Having been in the creative industry since the 80's, I have been fortunate to work in all forms of media, such as; graphic design, brand creation/development, photo-graphic art and manipulation, audio production and motion graphics/video. My skill sets have been widely used throughout the entertainment sectors, including retail, hospitality, music and publishing.

"For me, the use of both visual and audio tools, analogue and digital, they all seemed to blur in to one great creative toy box. All of the discipline required for audio and visual have a natural crossover, a common language. I never really considered specialising in one or the other ... it's all just one big box of creative tools to me. In my mind it's all frequencies, audio, colour, physical or psychological. I believe that all of these elements are essential for solid designs, audio and visual."


Over the past few years I have funded, designed, and packaged seven publications, as well as restore and enhance unseen archives of historical photography focusing on The Beatles, John Lennon, The Rolling Stones, The Jam/Paul Weller, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin ... that were all used throughout my publications. I was also co-author of The Beatles publications. Along with his former business partner, I also co-wrote, researched and designed the worlds most rock and roll, luxury golf book, nicknamed 'the bible of golf'.


On the audio side, music is my greatest passion. I recently built my own bespoke recording studio, powered by Pre-Sonus, Apple and Native Instruments, utilising an exceptional library of sounds and virtual instruments. Having started in a friends studio producing bands many years ago, including my own, I now focus on soundtracks and sound design. 


I have one big personal project, and that is the rewriting and 'imagineering' of Alice in Wonderland. Whilst writing my book 'Alice - The other-side of nowhere', I painted a collection of 'Alice' scenes to illustrate my book, but to take it the extra distance I began composing, along with my great friend Phil Windess, a soundtrack for each painting. We record as unit we call 'Three Legged Crow'. The book is due to be released late 2021.