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Your space with beauty and attitude

Studio Skellett

Studio Skellett is the home of both Paul and Jason Skellett, both distinctive artists working primarily as sculptors and mixed media artists. Having immersed themselves in art, design and music, their online gallery offers unique sculptures, limited edition prints, and paintings. The artists believe that, as well as art defining your living or work space, it more so defines its owner.

The Skellett art and sculpture collections cover Alice in Wonderland, The Beatles, Rock and Roll, contemporary art, the Divine, and the Occult.

Skellett sculptures are fired as ceramics or moulded, producing unique pieces in resins, plaster, and if requested, bronze.

All wall art pieces are created using multi medium disciplines, both real world and digital, to produce the original piece of art. The images are then scanned and worked on to produce the final print using high end inks and acid free archive art paper.


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