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Preview evening
24th March, 6pm to 9pm.
Mill Bank Studio, Derby, DE1 3LB


The story behind the collection by Paul Skellett & Jason Skellett


This is a small introduction to a much larger exhibition we will have later this year.

This exhibition is Paul and Jason Skellett's creative take on creation, the origin of humankind.
These particular pieces tell of a ‘god’ the Greeks called Prometheus.

The Earth has been observed for hundreds of millions of years, although time is of no consequence. Once the Earth had reached an optimum for sustaining life, the Architect gave his two most promising sculptors to craft out of clay the circle of life, the animals and insects ... but Prometheus wanted to create perfection, he wanted to create a creature that mirrored the architects themselves.


This she did, but he also granted his children the gift of the sacred fire, an element only reserved for the gods.

As a species we are the only creature with no natural habitat. We are in affect, a virus. We are an entity that devours its surroundings before then moving on to the next. Even before we have totally destroyed this planet, we are already spending billions of dollars to invade another. We are out of tune, as well as time with our adopted planet.

The chief Architect punished Prometheus for granting the humans the sacred fire, he then also vented his wrath upon the humans by sending Pandora, a sculpted beauty like no other, sculpted by the hand of the chief architect. He gave Pandora a gift, a beautiful box containing all the ills that could befall humanity. This gift also had rules, strict instruction to never open the box, because if she did it would secure the fall of man. The Architect had designed Pandora with a personality overflowing with curiosity, and so, it was only time before she would open the box and humankind would be condemned.

Once Pandora had opened the box, once empty, all that remained was a feint light. This light would be the real fate of the humans because it was the shackle that would never let them give up, this light is HOPE.

Until we finally realise the truth and learn how to be at one with our world, until we take responsibility as individuals rather than ‘on mass’, we will be forever living in hope, forever fallen.

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