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Evermore and again - Wayne Hussey - The Mission (UK)

Evermore and again - Wayne Hussey - The Mission (UK)

This painting reproduction is a Limited Edition (1/100)

The size is approx 13" x 19"

It is printed using an archive printer on 320gsm archive paper.

(The framed is not included)


These prints have had the approval of Wayne himself.


The Mission are a band that have been there, done it, and then gone back for more, always evolving, and always delivering. Every band asscends and descends throughout there careers, but The Mission, and Wayne in particular, have always been true, unapologetic and without regret, the true marks of an artist walking the line. I grew up on a diet of The Beatles, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, T Rex .etc and The Mission carry all of those influences, but they always make it their own. Their last studio album 'Another fall from grace' is one of my all time favourite albums. The writting skill and production is poetry. So, here are paintings I have done whilst listening to The Mission (UK)

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